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Batch Unpacker acts as a graphical user interface for a commandline application called Mpeg4 Modifier CL developed by Moitah at http://moitah.net/. This application is the tool that Batch Unpacker uses to unpack bitstreams in .avi files. Note that Mpeg4 Modifier CL has more capabilities than those used by Batch Unpacker, so you might want to check the above link to see if any of these might be useful to you.

Updating the Tools

You can also use the above links to easily update the copy of Mpeg4 Modifier CL used by Batch Unpacker. Here are the steps:

  1. Control click on the Batch Unpacker icon and select "Show Package Contents". A new Finder window should appear.
  2. Open the Contents folder in this new window and then open the Resources folder. You should see a file called mmcl.exe.
  3. Replace this file with the updated version making sure that their names are the same. Just in case, you might want to keep the old version.
  4. Close the folder and run Batch Unpacker as usual.

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