Current Betas for VIDEOtoolbox Applications

Below you'll find any available beta versions of the applications in the VIDEOtoolbox suite of applications.  These are typically posted when the applications have gone through significant edits in their code. Though the applications have been thoroughly tested, there may be issues that are best found by users with everyday use.  To help speed up the release of this code, please send feedback too

Your registration code should work with all beta versions of the applications, though the preferences have been updated so you might need to re-enter the code.  See the sections below for notes and comments pertaining to each application.


MP4tools x.x.x (xx/xx/xx)

  • No beta at this time


MKVtools x.x.x (xx/xx/xx)

  • No beta at this time


AVItools x.x.x (xx/xx/xx)

  • No beta at this time


SUBtools x.x.x (xx/xx/xx)

  • No beta at this time