Computer Video Files on TV

If you are like most people, you watch DVD's on your TV. If this is the case, why not watch computer videos on that same TV? The question is how.

DivX Certified DVD Players

I'm not sure why these aren't more popular. Compared to the rest of the world, there seems to be less options in the United States, but they can be found at numerous stores. Don't let the DivX Ceritification fool you. These players will play all the common computer video formats. Burn an .avi file to a DVD or CD, pop it into the player and you're ready to watch your movie. The only thing that may mess you up are those occasional MKV or OGM files, or those files that have been encoded with packed bitstreams.

Though there are other options, Phillips seems to lead the way in the US. They also have the advantage of an active online community that hacks the official firmware, allowing expanded capabilities of the players. Models currently available include:

  • Philips DVP3140 - (about $39) a bare bones player that works great.
  • Philips DVP5140 - (about $59) an upgrade from the 3140
  • Philips DVP5960 - (about $69) adds upconversion and can read files from USB devices likes flash drives. This is the model I have. Reading from a flash drive is very handy.
  • Philips DVP5982 - (about $69) I believe this is the upgrade from the 5960.

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