SUBtools is trialware. The unregistered version is completely functional with the exception:

  1. only half of your edited subtitle can be saved.

The above limitations will disappear if you register the software ($5.99 - the price of a Big Mac dinner around here).  Hopefully you will consider the usefulness of this software to be worth the price of a meal at McDonald's :-).  

Note, that the time-codes of these crippled files will be correct so you can test it with your original movie files. Bugs still exist which may or may not get fixed and there are known issues and probably some unknown issues :-).  You should probably consider this software as being sold "as is", so test thoroughly to see if you think you’re getting your moneys worth before registering. 

When registering, you have the option of registering for just SUBtools, or you can choose to register for the VIDEOtoolbox suite of applications for less than the cost of registering two applications. This will get you a registration code that unlocks all of the suite apps. If you decide to register, download the software using the link below, and then follow these registration instructions.

Current Version

SUBtools is Intel-only (64-bit) and requires Mac OS X 10.7.x or later.  It has been tested on a MacBook Pro and a Mac Pro with no known issues. 

Download SUBtools 1.0.1

Beta Software *** NEW BETA AVAILABLE ***

If SUBtools doesn't quite do what you want it to, you can see if there is a beta version of the software found here. Please help bring the beta software into general release by sending feedback to:

Version History

1.0.1 - 11/2/14

  • Fixed an initial set of Yosemite related bugs
  • Added more warnings to prevent bad things from happening
  • Fixed a bug with identifying some dialog in PGS and VOBSSUB files
  • Fixed a bug that prevented sent subtitles from appearing when the application was not already open
  • Added more tool tips
  • Fixed bugs with text formatting with SSA subs
  • Fixed bug that prevented previewing files if fontconfig was not installed

1.0.0 - 7/8/14

  • Initial release