AVItools is technically trialware, though in reality, the unregistered version has nearly complete functionality with two minor exceptions:

  1. A “nag” window will appear every time you load a new file.
  2. You may only run 1 job at a time, so you can't take advantage of the queue and batch capabilities of AVItools.

The above limitations will disappear if you register the software ($5.99 - the price of a Big Mac dinner around here).  Hopefully you will consider the usefulness of this software to be worth the price of a meal at McDonald's :-).  

Note, that the output of the registered and unregistered versions of AVItools will be identical, so you can thoroughly test AVItools before you decide to support it’s development.  Bugs still exist which may or may not get fixed and there are known issues and probably some unknown issues :-).  You should probably consider this software as being sold "as is", so test thoroughly to see if you think you’re getting your moneys worth before registering. 

When registering, you have the option of registering for just AVItools, or you can choose to register for the VIDEOtoolbox suite of applications for less than the cost of registering two applications. This will get you a registration code that unlocks all of the suite apps. If you decide to register, download the software using the link below, and then follow these registration instructions.

Current Version

AVItools is Intel-only (64-bit) and requires Mac OS X 10.9.x or later.  It has been tested on a MacBook Pro and a Mac Pro with no known issues. If you are updating from a pre-3.4.x version, the preferences have been updated and as a result you will need to re-enter your presets, registration code and other preferences. Remember you can find your registration code in the preference panel of the current version. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Download AVItools 3.6.6

Beta Software

If AVItools doesn't quite do what you want it to, you can see if there is a beta version of the software found here. Please help bring the beta software into general release by sending feedback to:


Version History

3.6.6 - 10/1/17

  • Updated the ffmpeg binary to the latest version.
  • The default audio option is set to pass thru if none is selected

3.6.5 - 5/22/17

  • Updated/Improved the transfer of subtitles to SUBtools
  • Fixed a bug where log files were created for some processes regardless of preference settings

3.6.4 - 11/21/16

  • Fixed a bug that prevented files from opening for some users.

3.6.3 - 10/22/16

  • Fixed a bug that prevented joining files
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when a large number of files were edited
  • Some minor GUI changes with the Edit Files tab functionality
  • Added a Debug Mode option in preferences to turn on logging to the console app

3.6.2 - 9/7/16

  • Fixed a bug that prevented conversions when "Keep Log Files" was unchecked in preferences

3.6.1 - 9/6/16

  • Update ffmpeg to version 3
  • Numerous minor bug fixes
  • Added more logging for the file opening process to help track down a bug effecting the opening of files for some users

3.6.0 - 7/11/16

  • Updated to Swift 2
    • Keep an eye out for minor random bugs
  • Added a "Send Bug Report" option in the help menu
  • Turned off compiler optimizations that would cause random crashing
  • Added a pseudo store window to streamline the registration process
  • Can now double click in the jobs queue to go to the output file
  • Made various bug fixes with the "Q" popup
  • Fixed various bugs with adding multiple files to the jobs queue

3.4.3 - 12/6/15

  • Deleted a stray button matrix in the subtitle filter popup.
  • Fixed a bug that could change the username when updating on systems with macports installed.
  • Restored creation of default track titles.

3.4.2 - 11/14/15

  • Fixed some issues with registration status and usernames.
  • Fixed bugs that would cause crashes when some text fields were empty.
  • Fixed bug that could cause subtitles imported from SUBtools to be ignored when processed.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause crashing with some EyeTV files.

3.4.1 - 10/24/15

  • Fixed a bug that caused crashing on start up for some users

3.4.0 - 10/19/15

  • System requirements are now 10.9.x or higher.
  • The preferences has changed so you will need to re-enter your registration code and other preferences.
  • Most of the code updated to Swift
  • Preference panel reorganized
  • Fixed and improved handling of files with problem tracks
  • Can now open eye tv packages 
  • Developer ID signing added to make gatekeeper happy

3.3.5 - 11/2/14

  • Fixed an initial set of Yosemite related bugs
  • Fixed a bug that could cause crashes when editing jobs from the queue
  • Fixed bug where log files of identical processes get appended instead of rewritten

3.3.4 - 8/27/14

  • Code converted to ARC
  • Fixed a variety of bugs in the presets panel
  • Fixed a bug that could cause strange behavior in finder when writing to the log file 
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some subtitles from being sent to SUBtools

3.3.3 - 5/30/14

  • Fixed a bug that could freeze processes as "Queued" on systems earlier than 10.9.x 

3.3.2 - 4/24/14

  • Fixed bug that could cause some 2-pass conversions to fail
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the app to crash during track extractions

3.3.1 - 3/2/14

  • Fixed a bug that could make the convert button be ignored after a group of files had been added to the job queue
  • Fixed a bug that disabled the "Play" button
  • Fixed a Watch Mode bug that would prevent some files from being added to the queue

3.3 - 2/22/14

  • Can now send subtitles to SUBtools (must be v1.0.b6 or higher) and back for quick editing and formatting fixes
  • Added a "Q" button to allow the user to view and manipulate individual files when a group of files are opened
  • Users can now specify in preferences whether or not to use Dolby Pro Logic II when surround sound is down mixed to 2-channels
  • Fixed a bug that made the app appear to lock up while the fontconfig cache was being initialized
  • Improved handling of .ts files
  • Multiple bug fixes to track identification which should reduce issues when opening files 
  • Fixed a bug that showed "XX" as the username in the registration window
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the app from being registered.
  • fixed bug that caused errors when passing through h264 video tracks
  • Threading related bug fixes that could cause freezes.
  • Numerous Mavericks bug fixes

3.2.3 - 1/28/13

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the "Split" button from being enabled in Snow Leopard
  • Fixed some permission issues that could effect users on computers with multiple accounts

3.2.2 - 1/2/13

  • Numerous watch mode fixes

3.2.1 - 12/28/12

  • Fixed potential bug that would freeze the application when video needed to be scaled
  • Presets options now includes "None" for the video track
  • Expanded filtering capabilities for the selections presets 
  • Improved and expanded watch mode
    • sub-folders are now "watched"
    • watched files are no longer moved to a processing folder

3.2 - 12/8/12

  • Code has been completely rewritten from Applescript to Obj-C so the chance of lingering bugs is high :-). 
  • Improved general responsiveness of application 
  • Fixed bug causing the app to crash when multiple files were queued. 
  • Numerous fixes and improvements to joining. 
  • Joining (2 files max) can now be tested in the non-registered version. Open a file and then use the Add File button to add a file to join. 
  • Added checks for volume permissions and disk space 
  • Resolved registration issue with systems where macports had overwritten "user 501" 
  • Windows can be re-sized. 


3.1.3 - 11/9/11

  • Fixed bug that could disable buttons in the Edit Files tab.

3.1.2 - 11/6/11

  • Fixed a bug that prevented processes from starting properly
  • Adjusted some window sizes to make the app more user friendly on 1280 x 800 displays

3.1.1 - 11/2/11

  • Fixed a bug that might make buttons disabled on launch
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some videos from playing properly

3.1 - 10/27/11

  • The Quick Tab has been removed to be replaced by ...
  • Added user definable "presets" to automate which tracks are selected
  • Added user definable "presets" to automate conversion settings, including the option for letting AVItools "guess" at the best settings
  • AVItools can now be put in a watch mode, where it will monitor a "watch folder" and process any videos added to the folder using the presets

3.0.3 - 8/12/11

  • Reverted back to a more reliable build of mencoder to fix numerous encoding issues
  • fixed bug where 2-pass encoding might fail under Mac OS X 10.7.x

3.0.2 - 7/19/11

  • New version of mencoder and mplayer
  • Fixed issue where AVItools might not recognize filenames containing unicode characters
  • Improved burning of unicode subtitles
  • Fixed issue where job progress might not be cleared when a job is deleted
  • Fixed issue where the queue drawer would temporarily hang up
  • Added the capability of detecting and turning of Header Removal Compression in MKV videos
  • will now accept mpeg2 video tracks
  • Slight change to the registration system which might change your registration code if you had multiple user accounts (e-mail me for a fix)

3.0.1 - 4/19/11

  • Fixed issue where the user entered bitrate would be ignored
  • Fixed issue where subtitles would not be extracted
  • Fixed issue where the username might be truncated

3.0 - 3/23/11 (changes from MKVtools 2.4.4)

  • Initial release of AVItools which incorporates all AVI related features of MKVtools and ...
  • New registration system tied to the system username which will allow AVItools to be registered on multiple and upgraded computers (as long as the computers share usernames).
  • Split AVI videos into segments of a specified file size or by start/end time.
  • Join AVI videos.
  • Extract the selected tracks from AVI videos as individual video and/or audio files.
  • Various bug fixes.