Welcome to the home of EmmGunn, where you'll find some Mac OS X tools for the editing and conversion of video files. All applications have a simplified interface for easy conversions, with a focus on speed. Here is a summary of the applications that you'll find at this site:

VIDEOtoolbox Suite of Applications

First there was MoKgVm2DVD. Its features were then expanded to create MKVtools 2. Now MKVtools 2 has been split into the VIDEOtoolbox Suit of Applications containing the following:

MP4tools 3
An application used for the creation and editing of MP4/M4V videos. It will primarily be useful for those preparing/editing videos to be viewed on Apple products like the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, though these files are also viewable on other hardware like the PS3 and Xbox 360. Most users looking to upgrade from MKVtools 2 will probably want this app. This app will not edit files (split, extract tracks, join, ...) other than MP4/M4V videos.
AVItools 3
An application used for the creation and editing of AVI videos. It will primarily be useful for those preparing/editing videos to be viewed on DivX certified DVD players, though AVI videos are also viewable on the PS3 and Xbox 360. This app will not edit files (split, extract tracks, join, ...) other than MP4/M4V videos.
MKVtools 3
This is an updated and more specialized version of MKVtools 2. It's used for the creation and editing of MKV videos, something the previous version of MKVtools did not do very well. Note, unlike MKVtools 2, this version will not create MP4 videos.
SUBtools (beta now available)
The ASS/SSA subtitle formats are not compatible with most hardware, so they typically must be converted to the SRT subtitle format. Unfortunately, the numerous formatting options in these subtitles often make this conversion difficult. This application helps simplify this process.

You can register an individual application, or if desired, you can register for the whole suite of tools.

Why was MKVtools 2 split into separate applications?

This is the most frequently asked question from current users of MKVtools 2. Unfortunately, due to the differences in the creation, editing and uses of MP4's, AVI's and MKV's, the interface and the functionality of MKVtools 2 was heading down the road toward bloat. The goal has always been to create a simple to use application with intuitive interface, that requires a minimal amount of user settings. As the feature set evolved, this has proved to be increasingly difficult within one application, and so the decision was made to transform the individual application into a group of tools - the VIDEOtoolbox suite.

Think of the entire VIDEOtoolbox suite as the upgrade for MKVtools 2. Though you can always choose to upgrade to just one of the apps in VIDEOtoolbox (or for that matter just stick with MKVtools 2), the suite will give you all the functionality of MKVtools 2 with updated features like presets, watch folders, and added MKV editing capabilities. This "suite" format also has the advantage that functionality can be added in the form of individual apps instead of having to clutter up the interface of the current apps. For example, the next in the series of tools to be added to the VIDEOtoolbox suite will give users the ability to easily convert ASS/SSA subtitles to SRT subtiles using a simple interface designed specifically for the task, instead of squeezed into one of the current applications.

Legacy Applications

The following applications are no longer being developed but are still available for users looking to keep their older versions up to date:

MKVtools v.2.4.7
This is the old version of MKVtools. It is a jack of all trades, doing a little bit of everything video related. It's primary focus is the creation of video files of a variety of formats for viewing on various types of hardware. It will also let you do some editing of MKV and MP4 files. To expand it's capabilities, this version of MKVtools has been split into the VIDEOtoolbox suite discussed above. Though available for users to update from previous versions of MKVtools 2, you should be looking at the VIDEOtoolbox suite of applications if you are considerint registering for the first time..
Quick Batcher and Batch Unpacker Plus
These are older video related applications that are no longer supported, though they are still available on this site.



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